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Tanning | Beauty by Jenny


OMG Spray Tan

OMG Premium Spray Tan Solution is lovingly developed using the world’s highest grade, 100% Pure Ecocert Organic Certified DHA for a long lasting, flawless, streak free no-orange tan with smooth fade off just like a natual sun tan.
OMG Premium Spray Tan Solution gives your skin a rich olive tone whilst added Aloe Vera keeps yor skin beautifully soft and hydrated.
OMG contains a gorgeous bronze colour guide for instant tanning effect and to help see where you are spraying.
OMG is available in four DHA strengths to suit any skin type.
The solution strength is determined by the concentration of DHA and is expressed as a percentage. The higher the percentage the darker the tan.
6% DHA offers a gorgreous sunkissed tan for fair to medium skin tones. 9% DHA is beginner friendly and perfect for first time users.
9% DHA is designed for skin that tans easily and for those looking for a medium bronze tan.
12% DHA is designed for skin that tans very easily and is perfect for people with darker skin or for those looking for a mediterranean, just back from holiday tan.
14% DHA is OMG’s darkest solution and is perfect for dark skin or for creating the ultimate just back from a tropical holiday look.

Crazy Angel Tanny Lotions

Our self tanning lotion collection achieves a deep and beautiful colour. The Crazy Angel Lotions will help you achieve a rich and gorgeous glow. The naturally derived DHA and Erythrulose create a fabulous and long lasting bronze tan. Enriched with Barberry extracts to nourish and hydrate skin, this is the ultimate tanning product.
The tinted lotion allows you ease of application therefore no more streaks or missed bits. To ensure an even and long lasting tan we recommend the you tan should be left to develop overnight.. The light and fresh floral fragrance with a hint of fruit enhances the heavenly tanning treatment.

Treatment Duration Price
Spray tan n/a £10.00
Full body 45 mins £20.00
Full body inc exfoliation 1 hr £23.50
Half body 30 mins £15.00